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The Eyeglass People

If you are truly going to help me, show me a sign to prove that it is really the Lord speaking to me.”  (Judges 6:17)


I had never stepped foot in a church until I was 33 years old. After I did things started to happen.  At first I was the guy sitting in the back of the church on Sunday who looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but church. I experienced a spiritual awakening. Jesus became real, the Scriptures came alive and I was welcomed into a fellowship of believers.  After several months my heart told me it was time to be baptized but my mind had doubts. What would my Jewish family of origin think? Was God really leading me to take this leap of faith?  Why couldn’t Jesus and I just keep this new found relationship nice and safe and cozy and private.


One night I tossed and turned in bed until I finally got up and went into the family room around 2 o’clock in the morning. The house was silent except for the clock ticking on the mantel over the fireplace.  I had never prayed out loud before and I felt foolish at first speaking out loud with no one else in the room. But I believed God was listening.  My prayer wasn’t eloquent although it was from the heart.  “Lord, I know we’re not supposed to ask you for signs but I really need one.  Please help me. Show me a sign that it’s your will for me to be baptized.  I believe it is but I need something tangible from you to help me know this is all real and you really are with me.”   A peace came over me and I went back to bed.


The next morning Stephanie took our two boys, ages 5 and 6, to the eye doctor for eye exams, along with our 1 year old daughter.  We were going through a rough patch financially and the kids had been passing around one virus or another for weeks.  We had $200 to pay for both boys if they needed glasses and hoped that would be enough.   Lack of sleep and sick kids can be tough on young parents.  After the boys had been called back for their exams Stephanie found herself opening up to a kind and compassionate couple in the waiting room.  A minister and his wife.   The kind of people who make you feel at ease and genuinely listen so that as you talk you feel unburdened.  Stephanie excused herself to take our daughter to the restroom and when she came back the couple had left.


The receptionist called Stephanie to the checkout window and gave her the bad news.  Both boys would need glasses and the bill came to $400.  “But, that couple you were talking to you in the waiting room?  When it came time to pay their bill they gave me a check to help you pay yours.  They didn’t ask how much your bill was.  They just looked at each other and nodded and wrote a check for $200.”  Exactly half the amount of our bill and exactly half the amount of our shortfall.


When I got home from my job as a computer programmer that evening Stephanie excitedly told me about “the Eyeglass People”.  And then I told her about my prayer the night before when I asked God for a sign. Believe what you will, I had no doubt He had given me an answer.  The sign he gave me through the Eyeglass People was “You give me what you have and I’ll take care of the rest – and it will be exactly what you need.”  When we went to church on Sunday I said to our priest “I’m ready to be baptized.”  God has been true to His word ever since.  He’s been doing it a long time and always will.